Some final thoughts from Ella…


Palu – Day 7

Day 7 saw the departure of the Team from Palu.

From the airport hotel the TDMRC-EEFIT Team provided a summary of the mission highlights to the Shelter Cluster and Save the Children.

The EEFIT and TDMRC teams parted ways at Jakarta airport, but this is by no means the end of this fruitful collaboration. Stay tuned for more information on the mission report and other follow up work…


Palu – Day 6

The day started with the TDMRC-EEFIT Team dividing into three groups again: one for socio-economic data gathering, one for geotechnical investigation and fault hunting to the south, and the last for earthquake fault hunting and tsunami impact assessment to the north east.

The geotechnical group visited the start of the irrigation channel intake and noted that the channel was dry from the start as the sluice gate had diverted flow back into the main river. Anecdotal evidence suggested flow into the irrigation channel was stopped on the evening of the earthquake.

They also discovered a third landslide, south of those visible from the post-earthquake aerial images and activated at the irrigation channel, similarly to Petobo and Balaroa. Another town even further south had suffered a flood after a rockfall that occurred during the earthquake had broken the natural river bank and cause a flood that inundated the town.

The team followed the fault southwards to the far south of the Palu valley and where the fault kinked to the east of the valley, significant vertical displacement was observed, up to 4m. This potentially has implications for the fault in the Palu Bay area where it supposedly crosses under the bay as if vertical movement has also occurred then this displacement could generate tsunami waves. Further investigation into the fault kinematics in the area is required…

The socio-economic data team attended a public hearing on shelter and reconstruction plans, held by the Governor of Sulawesi. They continued their interviewing of earthquake survivors.

The third team spent the day surveying buildings and evaluating tsunami inundation moving north east from Wani. They found the location of a famous earthquake and tsunami video in a residential area. Here they spoke to residents on their experience, including a man who was in his car at the time of the tsunami, and one who gave the alarm to local residents. The Team visited the mouth of a river to the north of Wani, where areas of the coast had suffered subsidence, with significant portions having dropped beneath sea level. The Team witnessed substantial damage to local buildings, including a school complex, as a result of the ground movements. The tsunami damage to low-lying residential housing was severe. Some noticeable examples of building resilience to the inundation were seen, where the open ground storeys in traditional timber frame buildings and mosques allowed the passage of water through the structures resulting in limited damage.